chat being hacked - Injected spam links ?

in my visitors list I see a lot of spam links to pages that are clearly not on my website.

how is this even possible?

its as if freshdesk has been hacked and someone is injecting these links into my visitors list. I cant imagine why anyone would want to do this. but i am worried that my visitors can somehow see this crap and are perhaps being redirect to it in forums and solutions??

is this a known issue?

has anyone else seen this?


Please be assured that this was not a hack, and it did not affect anything else in Freshdesk. There was a major update that went out for Freshchat which caused this. We found a fix for this, but just to make sure we have reverted the whole update and our developers are analysing the issue further. I will keep you posted on any updates from the dev team.

I sincerely apologize for this, please do have a look at your chat and let me know if you still see anything amiss.

Seems to have been resolved.Thanks.