Kanban view of tickets

We would find it very helpful to have a kanban style interface where the lanes are either ticket status or priority to help organise a high volume of tickets.

Drag & Drop between lanes would be awesome. Thanks!

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This would be a dream come true.  1+

Also would really enjoy this feature being added. 

+1. Currently we are using Jira Integration just to get this functionality. However this requires the client to have logins to both systems and constantly jump between the 2.

Would be great to have a different view right inside freshdesk. Like above we are using JIRA but that still requires a lot of manual manipulation and trying to keep track of both. 

+1 - This would be a great feature.

amazing feature to have. We really need it!!!!! :)

+1 This has been directly requested by one of my users

Please make this happen, we are stuck moving Freshdesk tickets into Jira just to have a Kanban view :(

There is now a kanban app in the marketplace ;-0

@Zachary, Thanks for the mention :)


We've recently launched a marketplace app that lets you to create Kanban views in Freshdesk. You can install the app from here

Here's a sneak peek into how the board looks like:


Sorry, but this view is a bit useless at the moment, as it is not possible to see all tickets on one board. There are always only max. 30 tickets on the board and I have to switch between multiple pages...... Or do I miss something?

@Aravind S, I like the Kanban Board. It fits our need very well - HOWEVER, I would like to ONLY show for example "Group A" and "Group B" on the Kanban Board, and no others, with only the statuses "Open" and "Pending". I know there is the configurations tab where you can select to show for example only "Group A" and "Group B", but it shows ALL tickets for these groups. This makes it instantly unusable, because I do not want to see all of the closed tickets.

There is no way to choose several Ticket Fields, or even choosing Ticket Fields -> Group -> Group A and Group B in Visible Fields and then using the filter function - because there is no way to filter statuses. I can only filter Agents, Groups and Priority.

In conclusion, it would be good if we could use several ticket fields combined, as well as filter on statuses.

It would be really useful to be able to apply filters BEFORE the ticket collection is done - particularly with the 30 tickets per API call limitation.

Having to scroll pages in a Kanban board is really unintuitive and not very user friendly.

Our ideal situation would be to pre-filter tickets on a set of Status (e.g. Status is one of Open, "Waiting" (custom field), "In Progress" (custom field) (or even Status is not Resolved or Closed)) and then have the ability to show any Status for Agents to be able to move things between (e.g. when they move it to Closed it removes it from view as well as marking it as closed).

Without this, the API calls will be filled with our Closed tickets even though we're not interested in seeing those, so we'll have to page through the Open, "Waiting" and "In Progress" ones.

Is the code for the App something we could collaborate on?  I'm no expert in software development myself, but would be happy to play with customising it to my scenario.

I would like to have a kanban board available but the current implementation can be better. I would like to setup my own lanes and make it possible to put multiple statussen in a lane (e.g. pending and reopened and responded in one lane).

Also defining additional filtering would be great.

The available plugin is for now not what I expected

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