Kanban view of tickets

We would find it very helpful to have a kanban style interface where the lanes are either ticket status or priority to help organise a high volume of tickets.

Drag & Drop between lanes would be awesome. Thanks!

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Is the KanBan Board a free app with Freshdesk?

Is the KanBan app for Freshdesk free of charge or an add on cost?

We had installed the Kanban board but it has limited functionallity. It is not usable for practicle cases. It does what it should do but for practivale use you want another overview then based on statusfields. Now a lane can contain only one status but for example you want to see open tickets, responded tickets and reopened tickets in one lane.
More freedom in defining lanes and filtering in a lanes would make the plugin more usefull.

I have an idea. Just buy-out ClubHouse software and call it "FreshDev" for software development.. :) 

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