M is Modern. Strong topic colours. Simple typeface. Spotlight rests on your content.   

M is Minimal.

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Hello Vinoth and thank you for the theme!  We are in the early stages at sch.freshdesk.com and have chosen your theme.

After installing, we are having a problem whenever we click "tickets" or "check ticket status".

Both times the links take us to a community forums page with the following errors (see attached):

<p class="intro ellipsis" title=""> </p> Liquid error: undefined method `allowed_filters' for nil:NilClass Liquid error: undefined method `total_pages' for nil:NilClass

Can you please help?



Any word on help for this navigation problem?  Please help.


I am trying to use this theme, but it is not working... The page-layout.txt is almost empty, and I think there should be more there. Any chance of getting some help with it? Or is anyone using this theme that can take a look at their page-layout box and see if there is content there?



I also had the problem above but realized it was my problem due to copying the topic-list.txt in to the "Ticket List" field.  Once I removed this information and replaced it with the default "Ticket List" data everything worked perfect.  Might want to make sure this wasn't your issue as well.

Hey John, Thanks for replying... I checked my "Ticket List" field and it matches the default. I still think the page layout is most likely the problem. The whole thing is just

" {{ header }}


 <!-- Notification Messages -->

 {{ page_message }}

 <div class="c-wrapper">  

  {{ content_for_layout }}



 {{ footer }}


Would you mind checking what yours looks like?



This is my page layout:


	{{ header }}

	<!-- Notification Messages -->
	{{ page_message }}

	<div class="c-wrapper">		
		{{ content_for_layout }}

	{{ footer }}


I just tried to attach my code snippet (it may be awaiting moderation) but it did match what you posted.  What type of navigation issue are you having?

I guess page layout isn't the issue...

Everything below the header looks like the classic Freshdesk theme and there's not any search bar at all :-(. Screenshot below...

What does your "Solutions home" code look like? 

<div class="containerOuter help-center">
    <div class="container">
	<!-- Search and page links for the page -->
	{% if portal.current_tab %}
			<div class="hc-search">
				<div class="hc-search-c">
                  <div class="heading hide-in-mobile">Welcome to <span>Freshdesk’s</span> support portal</div>
                  <!--<h2 class="heading hide-in-mobile">{% translate header.help_center %}</h2>-->
					{% snippet search_form %}
                  <div class="searchBottomLine">Popular Search Results: <span>Customers, Tickets, How to, etc.</span></div>
	{% endif %}
<div class="containerOuter">
  <div class="containerBig">
<div class="communityForumCol orangeBg">	
        	<div class="topicTitle">
            	<img class="" src=""/>
                <h4>{% translate portal.knowledge_base %}</h4>
           <!--<nav class="page-tabs">
            	<ul class="nav-link" id="header-tabs">
                	<li><a href="#">home</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">knowledge base</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">to be decided</a></li>
          <nav class="page-tabs" >
	{% if portal.tabs.size > 0 %}
		<a data-toggle-dom="#header-tabs" href="#" data-animated="true" class="mobile-icon-nav-menu show-in-mobile"></a>
		<div class="nav-link" id="header-tabs">
			{% for tab in portal.tabs %}
				{% if tab.url %}
					<a href="{{tab.url}}" class="{% if tab.tab_type == portal.current_tab %}active{% endif %}">{{ tab.label }}</a>
				{% endif %}
			{% endfor %}
	{% endif %}

<div class="boxOuter clear">

    {% for category in portal.solution_categories %}
        {% if category.folders_count > 0 %}
                {% for folder in category.folders %}
                        <div class="box solution">
                           {{ folder | link_to_folder_with_count }}
                           {{ folder | article_list:5 }}
                {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

 Also, did you update your stylesheet?


I decided to delete everything and re-copy and paste from the zip... And it worked... So now I feel like an idiot because it was a copy and paste error the whole time.

I do appreciate your willingness to help,


It looks like the icon and background graphics all disappeared from where they were hosted. Does anyone know where to get them? (You can see they are gone if you try to preview the theme).



We had to move away from this theme as it was broken and made our company look bad by having a broken support portal available to customers.

Anyone know where all the image assets are?

We need the images also. Anyone?

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