Forwarding emails from a private inbox

Hi all,

According to the text in the following page...

...forwarding an email from a known agent's email address should result in changing the requester to the original sender.

Unfortunately i can't get this to work. I have tried forwarding from Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Dutch localisation) and from Gmail. Both email addresses i forwarded from are my one and only email adresses, the same as where i created the freshdesk account with and use for login.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

E. Louwsma

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I am also experiencing this issue.  Not sure if I have something setup wrong or if there is something else in play.

Hi Adam,

It turned out that my problem was caused by localized fields in the forwarded e-mail. Instead of 'from', 'send', 'to', 'subject', these fields were translated to the local language. Try forwarding the e-mail in an English e-mail client and it probably will work.

Best regards,

E. Louwsma


As pointed out by Louwsma, the forwarded header needs to be in English for the system to parse the message and create a ticket on behalf of the original sender.

--Forwarded Message--

From: Freshdesk Support <> (in English)