Release Notes - August/September 2014

New Feature Updates

  • Language and Timezone value in the Contact Import - You can now specify the language and timezone of users while importing the contacts.

  • Attach Files while editing Tickets and Notes - The option to attach a file is now available while you edit a ticket or note after creation.

  • PDF Export for TimeSheet Reports

  • Tags and Survey Results on the Ticket Export - Choose the tags and survey results for tickets while doing the CSV export from the Tickets List page.

  • Tags on Bulk Actions and New Ticket Form 

  • Redactor Editor on the Automations - Emails sent out from the Dispatch’r, Supervisor and Observer can now be composed using the Redactor editor.

  • Differentiate between post/mention and message on Twitter/Facebook - Tickets converted from a message on your Social Media profile can now be differentiated from the public mentions/posts. You also have the specific page/handle information within the ticket.

  • Support for 9 new Countries on Freshfone - Now buy numbers for the below countries on Freshfone
  1. Bahrain
  2. Brazil
  3. Cyprus
  4. Estonia
  5. Latvia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Luxembourg
  8. South Africa
  9. Spain

  • Call Routing in Freshfone - Earlier, when a call was directed to a group of agents, all agents in the group would be notified and the first agent to pick up the call would get connected.


We have now introduced an additional routing method.

Call idle agent first - This will call the agent who hasn't received a call for the longest first. If that agent doesn't pick up it will call the second idlest agent and so on.

  • Filters in Call History - Calls can be filtered from the Call History section of Freshfone using the options below.  Call History can be accessed by clicking on Dashboard -> Call History on the right hand side.