Reply to a ticket resulting in a new ticket being created

I have found that if a ticket is replied to from a different email address to what the original ticket was sent to, the reply generates a new ticket.  I found this in testing, but thought it wouldn't happen in an everyday situation.  Unfortunately, this has been the case today, one of our suppliers replied to the ticket using a different email address thus causing a new ticket to be created.

I have looked in the forum and can see some people had issues with the subject not containing the ticket number in square brackets, but mine are like this:-

[#ticket number]

Has anyone else found this? is there a fix for this?

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Yes we have this Exact problem and I have a ticket number as well. 



Freshdesk will append incoming replies to existing ticket only if the sender is either the Requestor or included on CC within the ticket. 

Otherwise, just about anyone would be able to add replies to tickets just by sending replies with the ticket id. This can be a security concern and hence we have this check on the code level. 

Hope you understand!