Release Notes - November 2014

New Feature Updates

  • Enhancements on Freshchat

  1. Maximum number of chats for an agent - Admins can now specify the maximum number of chats an agent can take simultaneously. Once they reach this limit, they will not get any new chat notification. Once they close one their chats, they will be able to take up other chats from the queue.
  2. Waiting Message for Visitors - The "waiting message" will be displayed to the customers immediately, if all the available agents have reached their maximum limit. 
  3. Ignore Button within the chat notification - The ignore button within the notification box will no longer be available. This way the agents can view the number of visitors requesting chats at any point of time until they become a missed chat (This holds true if the agents are available to accept chats and have not reached their maximum limit)
  4. Visitor side sound notification - The visitor will be notified by a sound when an agent sends a message out. 

  • Google Gadget Integration - The Google Gmail gadget integration will not work anymore because of Google's deprecation of OpenID. Gmail Gadget has been disabled for all existing accounts and is available as a standalone new App on Google Marketplace.

  • Option to disable drop-down and dependent fields on the Feedback Widget

  • Allow Customers to follow all forum types - Earlier, the users could only follow the Announcement forum type. Now, they will have the option to follow all the forums on the portal.

  • Changes to the Solution Feedback Form 

         1. Logged in users no longer need to enter their email and new objective feedback checkboxes have been added to the form.

         2. Format of the ticket created out of the feedback has been improved. Also, the author of the article is added as a watcher on the ticket. 

         3. The requestor email notification for these feedback tickets has been disabled.

  • Set visibility of solution categories during creation - You can now specify the list of product portals in which a specific solution category should be associated. You do not have to go to each of the product and add the solution category individually.

  • Freshfone Enhancements
  1. Friendly name for phone numbers is displayed on the dial-pad while making outgoing calls.
  2. Freshfone Outgoing calls ringing time increase from 30 seconds to 60 seconds to allow to reach the receiver's voicemail.