Prestashop module for e-commerce

We have a module for integration between Prestashop and Freshdesk:

If you want to try it, in the page there is a demo link.

Does the integration work with the Knowledgebase module or just ticket tracking ?

Module is for tickets now. I'm planning to include but I haven't an estimated date to give this update.

I did buy your Prestashop module... I am having an issue.

From the my website the customer can create a ticket... it sends to FreshDesk.. and I can see it in Prestashop tickets area.

BUT... if the customer hits tickets on my web site he does not see his tickets.

I did notice that the listing in Prestashop admin area tickets... does not have the customer email. Might be important..

I am in testing phase as well .. so I am not using SSL yet.. if that could be an issue.?

Only for your information security not for working.

What do you mean ?

How do I fix it ?

Purchase a SSL certificate. You can buy one from 3 USD. It is recommended always.

Thanks... I will.  This is a test domain.. so I guess I can assume it will work.. and when I transfer my main domain.. I will make it work.   

You do mean an SSL for my website domain ?  Right?

Right. About bug reported I'm answering on Addons Suport.

Sorry.. I did not know .. I was trying to get answer fast.

Thanks for your help .. this will be a great integration.

I do have one more question... on the Freshdesk side..  I don't want the customers pointed toward the fresh desk site.  On the emails.  I would prefer they are pointed to the Prestashop ticket.. is that possible ?

Back to this SSL thing... 

I bought one at godaddy for my domain.

But how do I install it on Prestashop Cloud version.

Is there any way to make Freshdesk work with Prestashop without SSL ?

Freshdesk uses mails automatically generated from there, then links point to their own url's. If you have Cloud version you can use our module without problems, only install and ready. If you want to buy an SSL in cloud have a cost of 44 USD.

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