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I'd like to request if a Priority Matrix could be added that allows the impact and urgency of a ticket to automatically assign the priority to it as per ITIL recommendations.

Many thanks in advance

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just bumping this one to see if there is any update or if it's in the roadmap :)

Would be great to have this feature. We have some customers who demand this type of priority within their SLA.

Disappointed to see this was requested a year ago and there has been no update. We require this functionality too, and it is pretty standard ITIL functionality

Defiantly a requirement!!!


Thanks for your feedback, Craig & others. We understand that priority matrix is an important part of the ITIL framework.

We are beginning development on it and will keep you posted here on any updates. In the meantime, keep those feature requests and feedback coming!


Freshservice Product Team

any update re ETA?


For priority matrix, we have already started the development and we hope to ship the feature this quarter itself.


Freshservice Product Team

Any further update on this one folks?

Is there an updated ETA on this one folks?

Hi Craig

For Priority Matrix, dev is almost over and we are going to start QA in next few days.

You can expect the feature soon.


Freshservice Product Team

Any further update on when soon will be? :) 


Priority Matrix is now shipped and you can check it out in the "Helpdesk Productivity" section under "Admin" tab.

For more details please refer to the solution article here

Let us know the feedback 

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