Release Notes - December 2014

New Feature Updates

  • Company Name displayed on the Tickets List view

  • Gamification Dashboard changes


  1. You can now view the last three months scorecard of your users by using the "Showing - Current Month" selection.
  2. Also, view the scores and top performers of each group by altering the "Showing - All agents" dropdown.


  • Custom Fields for Contacts and Companies - Create custom fields for your contacts and companies. Learn more about doing this over here - Customized Customer Fields

  • Freshfone Enhancement 

  1.  Transfer call to an Agent Group in addition to individual Agents
  2. Country dropdown on the dial-pad lists all the countries and their international dial codes.

  • Freshchat Enhancement - You can now draw reports on Freshchat from Admin>>Freshchat Summary Report. Learn more about this here - Freshchat Summary Report

  • Respond to individual comments on a Facebook post - When you have a Facebook post coming in as a ticket, and a bunch of comments under them from different customers in the same thread, you can now respond to each comment specifically from inside Freshdesk itself (previously, you could only add another comment which posted at the end of the thread). This can be done by clicking on the 'Reply' icon next to a comment inside a Facebook ticket. The response will show up in the ticket view at the end, but while posting in Facebook, it will go as Reply to that specific comment. 

  •  Font Setting for all outgoing mails - Admins can, as a part of branding, configure the font for all email notifications and replies from Freshdesk. You can set this by going to Admin->Email Notifications  

  • Personal Canned Responses - Agents now have the ability to add their own canned responses and do not need admin access. They can access it by clicking on the "Settings" icon. The creation process remains the same. (The settings icon is only visible for agents without Admin Access).

  • Support tab on Facebook page - The colour and font customizations of the main portal will now be reflected on the support tab within Facebook. Stylesheets, themes and layouts will still not be available. 

  • Multiple Helpdesk Phone numbers - Now add multiple helpdesk phone numbers separated by comma under Admin>>Helpdesk Rebranding