Access denied to conversations/notes.json


I am "admin" and I can access all informations with the API except one.

When I try to access /helpdesk/tickets/[:ticket_id]/conversations/note.json I get {"access_denied":true} ...

Off course, I replace [:ticket_id] with my id, and I'm logged in.


Are you using POST method for adding a note? I tried for my domain, and it seems to be working fine. Documentation:

Yes, I've seen the documentation

It's working now but I don't know why... I didn't change my code.

But, thanks anyway =)

I am having the same issue. First I tried it from my VB.NET app, then I tried it from Postman. I'm able to make the API work for other commands, but for this one I'm getting "Access Denied" no matter what I do.

My link is:

The content of my post is: {"helpdesk_note": {"body":"This is a test of the note publisher","private":false}}

Seems like I'm following the instructions and examples as closely as I can. I'm not even entirely sure to make of "Access Denied"  

Please ensure that the API key holder has privileges to add a note to ticket.

VB.NET sample for adding a note to the ticket shared in the below link,

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