Reply to Thread in Forum opens new ticket

We just had a situation where we replied to a forum notification and it created a ticket. Is this normal behavior? If so, this is certainly an issue as the customer has no way of knowing that this would occur -- there's no way to edit the template.

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Hey Philippe, 

From your comments, I understand that you tried to reply to the forum notification via the email client. In that case, it will usually create a ticket as it is replied back to the support email address which is why we have a Call To Action - 'Reply' in the email template. It will open the forum topic in the portal directly allowing the users to reply to the thread. 


   I understand what's in place now, but I honestly don't think it's clear enough especially now adays. The majority of products out there allow you to reply to an email and have it included into the appropriate location. Even Freshdesk does this for emails, so if you have "trained" a customer to reply via email to information that comes from the tool, they will do the same for the forum replies unless explicitly told otherwise.

  My honest suggestion is a work around. The long term solution should be to differentiate the replies and include them back in the forum thread so that a single method can be used and an email template that could be modified as your ticket emails can.  The workaround should be a warning that should at least tell them to click reply and NOT to reply to the email.  It's not explicit and people take the easy way out on a regular basis.  The email should have a warning of some sort -- changing this should be pretty easily to do globally since it's a single line in an email that's standard across your platform.     

If, under the "reply" button the email said:

Please do not reply to this email as this will create a ticket and not be linked to the forum request. In order to reply to the forum, please hit the Reply button above."


You (and us, as your customers) would be able to avoid redundant tickets and the end users who receive the notification would be explicitly guided with a clear message.


This has also happens to some of our users. It makes us consider turning of automatic notification of a new ticket having been created because it's quite annoying to receive all those automatic notifications. So we'd be grateful if you could allow email replies to forum posts

Three years later, this is still happening.


A reply from the mailbox to a forum notification creates a new ticket. It enables the user to respond privately to the helpdesk instead of posting a reply on the forum topic. Also,the Reply button on the notification is fairly visible to the user and prompts the user to click to reply to the forum thread. 


Would you prefer not having the other option of allowing the users to respond privately to the forum notification?


I'm trying to understand why a user would need to privately respond to a forum post. We as agents have the ability to create tickets from forum posts for private communication.

Our organization does not respond to email enquiries so the "private replies" get lost and deleted.

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