Time tracking with hours contract

I will be great if will possible to control contracts by companies. Example: A customer contract me to give 100 hours of support in a month. I need to inform the total monthly hours of this company and freshdesk controls when this time is over. If i inform the value of my hour, freshdesk can control the amount of revenue i have to receive from this customer.

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The Contract management app has been built specifically to handle this case. The app subtracts the time entries added across the tickets and displays the remaining contract hours on the ticket.


The very simple "Contract Management" feature is too basic for our requirements. We are a B2B business with numerous contracts that have varying start dates and included support hours. Additionally, not all ticket types should depreciate included support hours (i.e. if we designate a ticket to be a "Bug", we don't subtract time allocated from the customers support hours).

A true "Contract Management" feature would include:

Anniversary Date

Period (monthly, quarterly, annual)

Hours (set for each period)

Inclusions / Exclusions (ticket types causing time elapsed to increment)


Auto "Billable" after plan hours elapsed

Associated Reporting

What Blare mentioned would help us as a company TREMENDOUSLY. 

Are there any plans to implement such features?

Hi Any plans for Freshdesk to enhance the existing contract management application as mentioned above? 

Also are there any plans to ensure one can be report on time logged vs contracted hours as current the reports/analytics are only limited to time logged and doesn't enable any information from contract management field to be added. Thanks

I like to see the option to assign the contractual time to a parent ticket as we might have multiple contract with same client for various jobs Just adding it on customer base is no solution for us

@Blare @Damien @Rita @Steven - We sure understand how the proposed tweaks to the current app in place will make things much more efficient.

There is no immediate plan in place to tweak the public app right away, that said we are elated to help you set this up via custom apps, keeping in mind the feasibility and scoping, which would involve the desired parameters that would aid the team and still use the app's logic as its foundation. Feel free to reach out to our support team (at and we will guide you with the next steps on this.