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If I dump customers or companies, I notice there's no Tag field, so my assumption is there is a Tag table with related company/contact/ticket ID's. How can I get access to that table via the API? tags.xml, etc are a no-op. 

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With the latest release, we've included Tags and Association type of tickets in the response of the 'List all tickets' API. Head over to the release notes section to know about the other changes (we've addressed you all here!)


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I am also missing the tags in API-call:


 Preferably also tags for customers, but that's another question.

We do not currently return tags anytime you get a list (of companies, tickets, contacts) due to performance constraints. 

Could you elaborate a bit on your use case for this? It would help us understand your needs better and we may be able to suggest something.

We are trying to use Zapier to push specific tickets/users into Salesforce as leads.  It would make the most sense to have a Scenario that runs in Freshdesk that tags the specific ticket with a "lead" tag and then use Zapier to query based on this tag.  Unfortunately, tags aren't available in the API and thus aren't available to Zapier.  Pushing every new contact in Freshdesk to Salesforce is unnecessary (and likely a bigger burden on the Freshdesk infrastructure).

Tags are perfect to filter on via the API.  I'd love to see this supported by the API and thus supported by Zapier.




Has there been any development on this? I also use the tag field to identity "lead" contacts of our clients. We use the API to extend Freshdesk so we can track support contracts, hours remaining, emails when hours are low, etc. 

Without access to the tags in the API, we have no way to filter who the lead contact is for the company.

I asked this same question here ( 11 months ago with no real resolution.

Please help.


Hi Nelson,

Your earlier post referenced a need to view tags when viewing a single user/contact. Our new v2 APIs that will be out in a couple of months will be returning tags as part of the response for a single ticket/user.

The broader use case of returning tags when getting a list of tickets/users and filtering a list of users/tickets based on tags is definitely something that is on our roadmap. However, we are dependant on a couple of other internal projects and so we will probably only be able to take it up sometime in early 2016.

Great! You are correct, I don't need the filtering capabilities, I just need a way to view view the tags when looking at a single contact.



@Andy I came across this thread when searching for a solution to the same problem. The v2 APIs don't seem to be out yet, but it does seem that you can achieve the required result by using a custom view.

For instance I setup a view using {Status: [open], Tag: [bug]} and saved this as a custom view, then calling the API for tickets matching that view does give the correct filtered output, i.e: 

/helpdesk/tickets/view/{view id}?format=json

It doesn't seem that you can update tags using the API, so I'll be toggling status to indicate which tickets have been processed.

Tags on a ticket can be updated via the new v2.0 API -

We are currently looking into the feasibility of adding tags to the list of tickets (as an optional field). I will post an update as soon as I can.

Hi @Rohit -- how's this coming along?  Further, what's the likelihood of being able to merge tags programmaticly?  For example, say my agents tag tickets to projects and I want to know which projects are getting the most customer attention.  Now, because my agents are human, some of them may tag tickets to "Project Phoenix" while others may tag to "Phoenix Project".  When I'm viewing the overall tag usage to compare the Phoenix Project to Project Unicorn, I'd prefer not to have to manually merge "Project Phoenix" with "Phoenix Project" and "Project Unicorn" with "Unicorn Project" every day.  If I could run a little API script to do this for me every evening, that would be grand.

Is the API for returning tags in fetching all tickets available now ?

Are there any plans on adding 'tags' to the list of tickets that are returned when hitting /tickets? I know you can get them on tickets/{ticket-id} but not via the list. 

This is something I would really like to see ASAP else it looks like I'm going to have to make twice as many calls to get tickets that have been updated since xxx to return the list then iterate that list on id to get the tags.

Also wondering when the tags will be available in the list of tickets.  Seems crazy to have to get all the tickets, then for each one do an API call for the tags.


Agreed, any of the three following options would be valuable on this programmatic access to tags:

  1. Allow the filter tickets endpoint to return more than 300 total results (10 pages max * 30 objects per page). 
  2. Allow the option to embed the tags (consuming some API budget).
  3. Include the tags as part of the list all tickets endpoint.

We would also benefit greatly from having tags on the list

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