Release Notes - January 2015

New Feature Updates

  • Chat routing in Freshchat : This allows you to route the chat to specific groups based on dropdown choices selected by the customer. These drop down choices can be created on the Visitor form under Admin>>Freshchat. This feature is available on our Estate and Forest plans only.

  • Custom fields for contacts and companies in Dispatch'r and Observer : The custom fields you create for your contacts and companies can now be used on the Dispatch'r and Observer automation rules. 

  • Ticket submitter meta information : You can now see the information of the agent or the logged in customer who created the ticket. That is, in case the ticket submitter is different from that of the requestor, we show this information on the tickets page. 

  • Reset Article Ratings : The agents will now have the option to reset the likes and dislikes of an article. The option will be available at the bottom of the article (on the agent view), next to the number of likes and dislikes.

  •  Enhanced Delete Window : In order to avoid the increasing accidental deletion in solutions and forums, the delete window has been made more prominent along with a CAPTCHA-type field. The delete button in the pop-up window will be available only when the first 5 characters of the category/folder(or forum)/article(or topic) is typed in the field.

  • Split Ticket option for Facebook tickets : You will now have an option to split the comments on a Facebook ticket. This would be available if you have the replies enabled on your Facebook page. That is, whenever you have an option to reply to a comment on a Facebook post, you can split that as a new ticket within Freshdesk and handle.

  • Business hours in Dispatch'r : In the dispatch'r automation, if your helpdesk has multiple business hours, you can now choose from amongst the list of business hours you've configured.

  •  Multiple groups in Canned Responses : While creating a canned response, you can make the canned response available for multiple groups instead of just one.