Unable to edit agent email address

Incorrectly entered one agent's email address when creating all of my agents so that particular agent never received activation email.  Went to Admin>Agents and edited/corrected the email address for that agent and saved. The screen updates and retains new email address just entered.  If I leave that page and then come back via Admin>Agents, it still shows the old/incorrect email address I started with.  Help!       

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Updating customer Email addresses:

I saved the new, additional Email address for the user.

Then I went back into the user profile and set the new address to be the default address, and saved this.

When returning to the user's profile, I am unable to delete the secondary Email address.

I have removed the secondary Email address for another user, so I don't know is preventing me from doing it for this user.

Please help!


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread.

@Mark, Are you facing this issue still?.

@Tanya, Could you please let us know the error message you are getting while deleting the secondary email address?.


We had updated the multiple E-Mail addresses for an user feature such that it allows you to choose between the addresses and set one as primary. This would allow you to delete the secondary E-Mail address for the user.

Hope this helps!