Manage Tickets from Tickets View

If I want to close a ticket, I first have to select the ticket, then click "Close" button. Isn't it possible to have a close button on the ticket itself, so that I only need to click once?

Also, if I want to change the due date on the ticket, I first have to open the ticket, then click "Change", then click "Set Date/Time", then select the date, then select the hour, then select AM/PM, then click "Save". 

How about there's just a button on the ticket view that opens a magic little window where you can click once, either "today", "today at 2300" "tomorrow at 2000" (preconfigured)

Ok, that's a nice feature request, but is there any way to manage the tickets more from the ticket view, instead of clicking yourself to death? 

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Hello Jason,

We now support Bulk actions for tickets from the list view wherein you can Close, add bulk replies, modify ticket properties right from the same page for multiple tickets at the same time.


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