Authenticate customers remotely using API

Hi everyone,

I'm new to developing with the freshdesk api, so I have a couple of questions.  We would like to be able to auto-login our customers into our freshdesk support portal when they log into out site.  I've looked into the SSO solution, but it seems to pose a couple of issues, namely logging out of the support portal would log them out of their account on our side.

Is it possible to log a customer into fresh desk via the api and not using SSO?

If not, is it possible to use SSO and not have a log out URL?

Any guidance and advice would be appreciated.


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Logging out of the support portal will not have any effect on the website login . The users will be automatically re-directed to the logout URL on clicking the logout link. If you don't specify a logout URL, the users will be re-directed to the portal home page. 


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