Similar Email Addresses - Force to be different


We have a situation where some replies to tickets (via email) are required to be forwarded to a third party.

Unfortunately, there are 2 companies we deal with and they both have very similar email addresses, and as the agents forward the ticket it autocompletes the email address, if not careful it can go to the wrong company.

The emails are

Is there a way I can override the internally stored emails such that we can get the agents to type:

abcretail    or


to bring up the addresses rather than the auto-complete email that the system picks?

Does that make sense?

can you not edit them in the Customers tab and give them a first/last name?  then when typing all you would need to do is type the name you gave it instead of the email address.

I think that's your solution, but maybe I didn't understand your question completely

That answers it perfectly! Sometimes its the easy solution that works best!!! 


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