Ability to reorder the saved ticket filters

Currently the newest filters created jump to the top of the drop down list, different agents would like different sort orders for their saved filter drop down.

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@Sundar I'd say the search functionality does help, yes, however it doesn't quite fulfill this request. The way I see it is if the filters were able to be ordered on a per-person basis there wouldn't be a need for a search function.

Personally I've taken to not even visiting the ticket views anymore except through the widgets I've placed on my dashboard. In a sense, I replaced the inability to order my ticket views by creating a functional dashboard that is ordered how I'd prefer.

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I would like this too, the ability to rearrange the views will allow me to have the most used at the top to prevent me from scrolling as i have a lot of views in my list. this will aid productivity and keep the main ones in reach.

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