Release Notes - February 2015

New Feature Releases

  • Paste Images from Clipboard - We now have the ability to paste images from the clipboard directly into the the editor for tickets, forums and solutions.

  • Personal Scenario Automations and Canned Responses - Agents who do not have admin tab access can now create canned responses and scenario automations from the Settings icon.

  • Slack Integration - Get ticket updates on your Slack channels and also convert your DMs from Slack into Freshdesk tickets. For more information, check out - Integration with Slack

  • View on Portal option - The "View on Portal" option will now be available at the category level as well for solutions and forums.

Freshfone Updates

  • Support for German numbers

Freshchat Updates

  • Archives Revamp - Chat archives have been revamped to provide more information about each chat transcript.
  1. Filters to see only missed, widget specific and agent specific chats apart from keyword search and date range that were already available.
  2. Detailed transcript view allows to edit visitor details, access previous chats with the particular visitor and see all metadata related to the chat.

  • Automatic assignment of tickets created from chats - Tickets created via chat will be automatically assigned to agent, group and product based on the chat. Product will be assigned based on the widget, group will be assigned based on the routing choices (if routed to 'Everyone', no group will be assigned), and agent will be assigned based on which agent chats with the visitor (if missed chat, no agent will be assigned). In case of transfers, agent assigned will be the last agent who talks to the visitor.

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