Full Solutions List

Is there a way to get all the current solution articles (or the top X if there are lots) and a count for each folder so that you can essentially replicate the Solutions front page of the Portal without having to make a request for each folder to get the articles?



It is not possible via API to get all the articles without specifying the folder_id and category_id at the moment.

You could make use of the View All Solution Articles API to get all articles for a specific folder.

Thanks - I have implemented a loop to do that already and then cache the result to limit the number of API calls.  It is fine at the moment as there isn't much information in there but I will just need to keep tabs on it once the amount of information increases.

Glad you made it work. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


   I need only most viewed articles list in home page ? any one share that HTML code.

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