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We're in the process of migrating from Fresh Desk to Fresh Service.  We spent a significant amount of time customizing the Fresh Desk customer portal and we're doing the same right now with Fresh Service before we go live.

We love hearing what others are doing with their portals.  Do you have any cool or unique portal customization ideas that you are willing to show off?

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Sure thing James! Here's where the code can be found: Admin > Helpdesk Rebranding > Customize portal > Layout & pages > Portal pages > Portal home

And what I did to edit the text:

Hope that helps!



I was wondering if it's possible to move our Service Catalog items wherever we need them and not rely on just the Alphabetic order they are listed as.

Currently, we just put a number 1., 2. , 3. ... to achieve the order we want them in but would be nice to be able to just drag them where we need them.

I am a big fan of Wilson Language Training's portal

I am thinking we should have a portal show off contest here in the forums. :)


Did you find out how to remove 'service catalog' from the action menu?

@ken How did you customize the jmenu panel (header menu) - I would like to remove the "Service Catalog" option altogether. Will greatly appreciate your insights.


The Service Catalog is a default page when using Freshservice. I can see you're using Freshdesk, which is the system we started in before switching to Freshservice. I can imagine it would take a lot of work to create your own page in Freshdesk with something similar (if it's even possible at all).

If it's something you'd really like to have, take a look at Freshservice and see if it would fit your needs. They're both similar platforms and share the same basic functionality, but are catered for much different needs.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Hi there, FreshService helped us figure out how to alter the yellow part if folks are still working on that. 


  var custom_recent_items = {

        "services": [{

            name: "SR- Password Reset",

            link: "/support/catalog/items/9"

        }, {

            name: "SR- Remove ",

            link: "/support/catalog/items/52"

        }, {

            name: "SR- Access Request",

            link: "/support/catalog/items/45"

        }, {

            name: "SR- Scenario",

            link: "/support/catalog/items/27"


        "solutions": [{

            name: "Solution How to Clear 1895 Hardstop",

            link: "/support/solutions/articles/3000015090-clear-1895-hard-stop-instructions"

        }, {

            name: "Solution How to Clear 905 Hardstop",

            link: "/support/solutions/articles/3000015084-clear-905-hard-stop-instructions"

        }, {

            name: "eSign the 1003 (Instructions)",

            link: "/solution/articles/3000015243-esign-the-1003-instructions"

        }, {

            name: "Clear MI Hard Stop (Instructions)",

            link: "/solution/articles/3000015147-clear-mi-hard-stop-instructions"



    services_container = ".popular-services",

    solutions_container = ".popular-solutions";



function render_custom_list() {

    var custom_sr,


    jQuery(services_container).find("ul li").remove();

    jQuery(solutions_container).find("ul li").remove();

    jQuery.each(custom_recent_items["services"], function(_i, _e) {

        custom_sr = "<li><i class='icon-ticket pull-left'></i><a href='" + + "'><span class='pull-left text-ellipsis'>" + + "</span><span class='pull-right toggledisplay'>Request</span></a></li>";



    jQuery.each(custom_recent_items["solutions"], function(_i, _e) {

        custom_sol = "<li><i class='icon-file2'></i><span class='text-ellipsis'><a href='" + + "'>" + + "</a></span></li>";








Thanks Elizabeth. Been looking at it but not convinced its much better that the original helpdesk.

this is great information, I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the Widgets icon Image?

Has anyone had any luck with customizing the lower part of the public portal?  I'd like to customize the area shaded yellow:

I'd like to replace the popular solutions with one or two other solution folders so it looks like this:

I ran this by Freshservice support and they indicate it cannot be done, but thought I would ask if anyone else has done anything like this.


Hi Elizabeth, 

Would love to know how you changed the title and descriptions for the icons on the portal?




I did some minimal tinkering to see if I could figure out a way to change the area you highlighted yellow, but couldn't see any immediate solution.

Maybe you could help me though. The articles on your page have a print button and I'd love to know how you included that. Thanks!


Hi Elizabeth,

Try this:

<a href="javascript:print();" class="icon-print solution-print-icon" title="{% translate portal.print_title %}"></a>

(40.4 KB)

This seems like a definitely necessary piece that is missing from the first two tiers...

Hi Elizabeth,

Would you be so kind as to describe how you made your logo to that size please?


Sure thing James! Here's where the code can be found: Admin > Helpdesk Rebranding > Customize portal > Layout & pages > Portal pages > Portal home

And what I did to edit the text:

Hope that helps!


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