Release Notes - April 2015

New Features Releases

  • Ability to Import custom fields values for Contacts and Companies

Community Updates

  • Forum Moderation data on the Dashboard - You can now get a view on the number of topics waiting for your approval and those that have been marked as SPAM, right from the Dashboard. Agents who have moderation permissions will view the summary right in dashboard without having to go to the Forums tab. If there are no posts in this category, the widget will be hidden.

Livechat Updates

  • Canned responses in Livechat - Agents can access abbreviations, or shorthands for chat. This will be created From Admin>>Canned Responses, and agent can access them using the '/' key while chatting with a customer. Agent can also view all the shorthands in the system by clicking on the  button.

  • Customizable sound notification for agents - Agents can choose between 4 different sound notifications for incoming chats.This can be configured from the Agent Profile dropdown on the right hand top corner.

  • Offline Chat - Whenever a chat is not attended by an agent for two minutes, the offline form will be shown to the visitor. If the form is submitted, the whole transcript+contents of the form will be created as a Chat ticket. While filling out the form, visitor will continue to stay in queue until form is submitted or for a total of 5 minutes. After which, the chat will be considered as a missed chat. Similarly, when no agents are available, the offline form can be shown to visitors. 

Freshfone Updates

  • Freshfone Call History Export - You can now filter the Freshfone Call History and get the data exported in a CSV or Excel format. The file will be generated based on the chosen filters.