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Is there any way to establish a template, either through fields or just starter language, to ensure consistent formatting and content for authored Solutions?

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Or even a template document that we can import back into the solutions that would keep images and formatting?

We look forward to this function. Its currently a pain to keep the same format every time an article is created.

How is this request progression through the dev channel?
Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.



This feature would be extremely beneficial and much appreciated. We have a large knowledge base and it would be great to be able to make things a little easier!

Thank you for your feedback. 

We understand that self-service and a robust knowledge base is important to maintain a high level of service to your customers. I can also see how this would be valuable when you have a large knowledge base and are trying to keep solutions content/styling consistent.

We'll look into this and update you in the coming weeks.  


Freshservice Product Team

Can we get an update on this? I was using a Google Wiki page for my Knowledgebase prior to FreshService and having this feature in that system really helped.

Would love an update on this as well. The current Solutions input is fairly cumbersome for your end users and would benefit from the ability to read directly from a Word document or the like. As our IT department begins to utilize the Solutions section, we are finding it difficult to achieve a standardized format that is to our standards/liking.

Hi, is there any update on this?

I know you guys are hard at work, continuing the development of Freshservice, but it would be nice to see more frequent responses to community questions. There are many topics with multiple users posting the same question "is there any update on this." 

Any update fresh service?

@Freshservice Team, this is a request that needs some attention. Having  a template would be a major time saver. The knowledge base and nice, but you cannot copy and save from a Microsoft Word document into a solution article. The format gets all "jacked" up and you have to select the remove format tool and essentially start from scratch.

This looks like it been in development for 2 years now and requires an update on it's status.


Echoing Clay, James and everyone else here. Can we get an update on this? This must be floating around in the backlog somewhere

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