Release Notes - May 2015

New Feature Updates

  • Bulk Reply Enhancement - While adding a Bulk Reply from Ticket List page, agents can now pick the support address from which their reply is to be sent out. This option will be displayed only if multiple emails/mailbox that have been setup and verified. 

Useful and convenient for customers who have setup multiple products and are looking to answer repetitive tickets quickly from the respective product’s support address.

  • Requester for Forwarded emails - When agents forward any email from their mailbox to the helpdesk, by default, the ticket will be created under the original sender’s name. This feature can be disabled from Email setup (Admin>Email), in case the forwarding agent is to be the Requester. 

This can be useful if your customers contact their account manager regarding an issue rather than emailing the helpdesk directly. The account manager can then forward the email to the helpdesk, collaborate with support agents and get back to the customer from their inbox. Agent access is required for the account manager in order to update customer info in the helpdesk and pull up reports for the accounts which he/she manages.

  • Attachment sync on JIRA - Attachments on a ticket is also pushed to JIRA once you link an issue. 

Updates in Forum/Community

  • Ability to Up-vote Comments on a Topic - Until now, when a forum topic is created, users can only like the topic itself. This limits the discussion and sentiment of the topic to a considerable level. We have introduced a feature where a user can now like/upvote a comment to a topic. This is useful in increasing engagement around a topic and bubble up interesting solutions and responses to the topic. For eg, a hack fix for a reported problem, a potential solution to a feature request, etc.

Customer side - This is how every comment will look in the customer portal:

Once a comment has at least one up-vote, you will see the numbers just below the comment, just like a topic:

Now that comments can have their own votes, we are introducing a sort function so users can see choose how they want to see the comments. Default will be "Oldest First" which was previously the only option. Now users can choose to see the most "Popular" comments first. This will help users to quickly understand where the discussion stands, and help them get useful tips from the discussion.

Agent side: With this new feature, every comment shows a 'x people up-voted this' link on the agent side. To keep the experience uniform, the topic will also show its upvotes in a similar fashion (previously this was shown in the right side bar along with people who are following the topic).

  • Forum Followers List - You can now see the list of users following a particular forum alongside the count of followers. 

  • Add followers to a Forum - In addition to adding yourself as a follower on a Forum, you can now add other agents to the follower list so that they can remain informed on the updates as well. This can be done on the Forum as well as the Topic level. When an admin/agent wants another particular agent to monitor a forum or a topic (or) wants to respond to it, they can simply go ahead and add them to the list which will send an email notification.

Forum Level -->

Topic Level -->

Freshfone Updates 

  • Delete a call recording - Sometimes an admin would like to delete a call recording for instance in cases where the customer has revealed personal information, etc. Now we give admins the option to delete the call recording from the Call History page.

  • Introducing access rights for Freshfone - Now the admins have an option to restrict agent access to numbers. An agent will only be able to make an outbound call from numbers on which he has been allotted access by Admins. Admins can configure/edit this option when they are setting up a number. 

  • Option to select "All Numbers" in Call History - Agents can now see call logs across all numbers in a single view by selecting the "All Numbers" option on the filters. This when coupled with the export call log option can prove to be a very powerful tool for analysis. 

Updates to the Social Support

  • Allow replies as a DM or a mention for all tickets -Twitter recently updated DMs so that any twitter user can allow non-followers to DM them directly. Also, if someone sends you a direct message, you can DM them back even if they do not follow you. Both these updates are now available in Freshdesk - you can now respond to DM complaints from customers directly, and do not have to request customers to follow you first. Also, if a customer has enabled DMs from everyone, youcan take advantage and DM them directly even in response to a tweet.

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