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I need access the activities information (change state tracking) via API, but I can´t see it on ticket or note's information. Could you give me a sample to do this?


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I also need access to activities via the API. Mine is just for internal reporting purposes.

This is definitely on our roadmap and we plan to take it up in the near feature. I will update this post once it's ready.

Also need this.


Any progress on this?

Unfortunately, we still have not started work on this, but we do intend to start soon (Q4 2015).

Could you elaborate a bit on what you will be using it for? It would really help us in developing an API that is relevant to your use case.

For me, this is to find response time.  When a ticket goes from waiting on customer > open, I need to know when this occurred in order to calculate the time.

I request access to ticket activities via the API. This to be able to get hold of tracking details.

I have four tickets and still have not heard from anyone about my Sept 5th in order number 18272. It tells me to write with questions but I can not find a address anywhere. Please contact me with a phone number or address that I can contact

Where are we at with this? I was keen to get activities imported via the API so I could track the total time spent at each status. You said you were planning to work on it in 2015. It's 2018 now.

2020 checking in here, this would be helpful to me too, hopefully it hasn't been fully abandoned.

Hey Freshdesk team, this has been promised for 5-years. It's so important from a reporting perspective to have access to all data via the API. Please update us on this.

Please update on this issue. It's not trivial for internal reporting. Thank you.

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