Horrible formatting of Agent Notification when note is added for their attention


Apologies if this has been covered already, I am new to the product and customizing my Servicedesk at the moment.

I have my email alerts configured and formatted nicely but I have just added a note to an existing ticket for the attention of one of my colleagues. The email alert he received is a complete mess from a formatting perspective and also contain information which I don't want.

I have spoken with Govind on Freshservice chat who has sadly informed me that this particular alert cannot be amended like EVERY other alert in the product.

Can I raise this as a Development or Improvement request please?


- Adam


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Yep, agreed on this front. Would be good to customise all of the additional notifications such as New Note Added.



Fully agree and then some. Even the basic formatting is atrocious!  Here is the formatting of my email in the system via the admin interface.AFTER I did the remove formatting to start fresh. And the second mage is that the email looked like. WAAAAAYYYYY off.



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