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Our Freshdesk support widget doesn't show the knowledge base that we've created - it's visible on the portal but we need it to be included in the support widget - I'm sure I saw this feature in the demo - any help would be great, thanks.

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Hi Derek,

Kindly check whether the auto-suggest option is enabled,

- Go to Admin -> Customer Portal 

- Under 'User Permissions for portal', enable the Auto suggest option

Also, go to Admin -> Feedback widget and check whether 'Users can Search Articles' is enabled. 

Kindly let us know if it works, looking forward to hear from you. 

I have these options turned on and works well after a subject is typed in.  However, I would prefer to have articles pertinent to the page they are on show up immediately without having to type a subject.

Is there a way to customize the Feedback widget to go ahead and display a set of Articles/Solutions under a specific folder?


Glad to know that the auto-suggest solutions works well. Regarding the customization on the feedback widget, we currently do not have such options. However, we will be looking into it in the future and planning on such possible enhancements. 


We've made some enhancements to the widget design wherein the Search Articles button would be visible even when the subject is not typed in. If you have any further suggestions, please do let us know :)


I cannot find this. 

- Go to Admin -> Customer Portal 
- Under 'User Permissions for portal', enable the Auto suggest option


Hello Niclas, 

Can you go to Admin-->Portals-->Settings and check the option?




Yes. The Option is not there. No Adblocker, tried on multiple devices.

I can't find this option as well. The widget (both popup and embeded) just allows the customer to send us a support ticket. The auto suggest doesn't show anything and there are no links to our knowledge base.

I also have this problem. The auto fill doesn't work and there are no links to the Knowledge Base for either the embed or popup widgets.

Hello Niclas & James,

The Auto-suggest solutions feature is plan dependant and it is available from plans starting from Blossom.


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