Office 365/Exchange Calendar Integration

Currently trying to jump through several different hoops to get tasks into the calendars.  Not a great workflow.  

Any hope of getting tasks to sync with Exchange/Office 365 Calendars? 

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Office 365 calendar integration would be fantastic for me! I BEG Freshdesk to consider this idea! 

Having calendar access by agent would be ideal.

Hi Ian,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Outlook calendar integration is on top of our roadmap, I'll keep you informed when we kickstart the development. 


Freshservice Product Team

Any update? ETA?

Hi JayQ,

Can you tell me if you are looking for Office 365 or Exchange calendar. Which version are you using.


Freshservice Product Team

Viminya, I don't know what Ian wanted but surely you can support both? Office 365 calendars are backed by Exchange Online, so a generalised solution should allow you to work with both.

Greater support for Office 365 integration across the board would be great. It has heaps of APIs you can target.

Office 365 

Hey guys! Any update on when this might be available? It would be a great feature!

Office 365 calendar integration is in our plans. I think having an option to add tickets by due date, tasks, and scheduled changes and releases would be beneficial. Please share if you would like to add any other Freshservice events to your Office calendar. Your suggestions would greatly help us prioritise functionalities. Thanks


Freshservice Product Team

Good suggestions Viminya,   We would also welcome office365 calendar integration adding the due dates that you mention.

What is the progress on this? Is it in active developmet yet?




We are just starting with the development. We were not able to accommodate tickets by due date for the first cut but tasks and changes can be sync'd. 

Viminya, is it possible with this integration to create an add-on to outlook that a user could quickly click and submit an incident? Some other applications out there have similar integration like Cisco WebEx to create a meeting with one click.

an outlook add-on is a great idea!

Really looking forward to syncing Tasks with Office365/Exchange.

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