Premoderation of all interactions with customer

Hello, I want to implement premoderation of all replies sent to customer. As far as I understand it is not a standard feature. 

So my idea is the following, create 2 Groups - Moderators and SupportTeam.

When a ticket is created by the customer, it gets the Group of Moderators. At this point I need to create automatically a copy of the ticket with Group = SupportTeam and Requester = null, dummy or the Agent from Moderators team. When the ticket is resolved by SupportTeam, one of the Moderators reviews and copy-pastes the results to the initial ticket and the results go to the customer. 

My question is - is there an easier way? If not, then how to automate the creation of the ticket for SupportTeam? Dispatch'r Actions doesn't have a "create new ticket" option.

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I can suggest a different approach to pre-moderate all replies.

1) As soon as the ticket comes in, assign it to Group - SupportTeam.

2) SupportTeam members will add private notes to the tickets and then reassign it to Moderator Group. 

3) Agents in Moderators group will then review the private note and send it to the customer

Reply option can be restricted for these SupportTeam agents from the UI using a custom role or freshplug.

This approach eliminates the need for duplicate tickets. Let me know if this workaround helped. We'll be happy to provide you with a different solution in case this doesn't work for you. 

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