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CMDB - Manage Volume Licences

Example we've got over 300 Office volume licences and every client uses the same volume licence key. Would it be possible to enter the volume licence key into CMDB with the amount of licences available, so when a device needs a licence we add the device in to CMDB and the CMDB will automatically update the allocation showing how many available licences are left. 

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We'd also like to see this! 

Any update on this one?

Only way I've had to work around this is create the asset many times with the same licence key in CMDB then assign it to each user.

Only problem is that this accumulates to our CMDB asset count.

Hi Joseph,

We are working on license management feature and it is planned for early Q4, 2016 release. The initial release will support tracking volume licenses. 

I would like to get some more information on your use case. You have mentioned that you create the asset many times with the same license key. Are you manually adding these assets to the CMDB or do you use the Probe/Agent? If so, are these of type Software? Or are you adding new Laptop/desktops every time you have to track a new install of MS Office? Also, do you use contract management module?

Freshservice Product Team

Yes please! The licensing management is horrible and we have lost alot of management of our licensing when we moved to freshservice! We need more flexibility for volume keys and ability to report/view licenses that are available or over installed to resolve compliance issues.


We understand the importance of license management and we are working towards bringing better license management capabilities in Freshservice. You will be able check your compliance status easily once this feature is deployed. We'll update this space in the coming weeks with more information on the feature.


Freshservice Product Team

Looking forward to this being released soon as we are approaching mid Q4!

Same here looking forward to the release!

We have this same need and would love to see this in the next release!

Thanks for bumping this thread up. :) SLM is being worked upon and we'll have an update for you soon! 

any update on when this would be released?

This feature would save me a lot of time. License compliance is a key function of IT. Please could you give an update of the expected release date?

any update on when this would be released?

Also would like to see better license monitoring.

Also looking for an update on this.  Please provide an updated ETA for this feature.


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