Release Notes - August 2015

New Feature Releases

This week, we have rolled out a major enhancement with regards to "Multiple Products" and "Portals" and here are more details around this.

A new section called "Portals" have been introduced in Admin>>Support Channels section. You can now manage your default portal (i.e, or its CNAME) along with any multiple product setup, right from this page. 

That is, the default main portal can be edited just like the product portal. The admin can now select the specific solution and forum categories which needs to be listed on the main portal, which wasn't possible earlier. 

Alright, what all has changed?

> Multiple Products 

Portal related settings like rebranding and customisations which were under each product will be available in Portals page under the respective portals. 

> Customer Portal 

Customer Portal settings for all the portals has been moved from Admin>>Customer Portal to a section called "Settings" under Admin>>Portals.

> Helpdesk Rebranding has been renamed as "Helpdesk"

The "Helpdesk" section will now allow you to configure settings like, Helpdesk Name, Languages supported, etc. 

The main product's customisation settings can be configured from the main portal under Admin>>Portals. 

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Social Updates 

  • Character Limit in DM : As per Twitter's changes, character limit for DMs while replying to a Twitter ticket has been increased to 10k characters from 140. 

Updates to the Phone Channel

  •  Enhancement to the Dialer : We have included Search capabilities within the dialer which would allow you to search for the following contact fields - "Name, Work Phone#, Mobile# and Phone Custom field". Now, if you remember the name of the user you would like to call, you can search by their name and make a call. You can search for the contacts and call them directly from the dial pad itself instead of going to the Customers tab to look up the details.