Numbered list cuts off to the left when copied in from other sources

When copying in a numbered list, for example from an Outlook email, the numbered list items display too far to the left, off the screen area.  

For example, from a Word document, I have:

When I copy the entire set of text into FD, I get:

Sometimes when it copies into FD, not only are the numbers missing, but the first few characters of text.

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for letting us know about the issue. The team will be looking into it to analyse the issue and fix the same. 


This happened when a requester mailed replied to me. The listing (1., 2. etc.) was gone, but I could still see them in the "New Reply Received"-mail in gmail.

Kind Regards,

-Fredrik Järnbröst

Objective Solutions

We have just experience the same issue, only this time it was not a numbered list, but rather a list of items like the following:

4 x cats

7 x dogs

the numbers were cut off from the e-mail in Freshdesk, however they were visible in the original e-mail.

Looks like this thread was started over a year ago - is there any word on whether this is being worked on?

Hello folks,

We've made several enhancements with respect to the copy-paste action and the way how attachments can be added to the reply . Can you please check and let us know if you're still running into such issues?


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