Release Notes - September 2015

New Feature Releases

  • Solutions UI Revamp :  We have revamped the Solutions UI to make it simple and intuitive-to-use along with a bunch of new features.
  1. Drafts Module - Currently, you can either store an article in "Draft" or "Published" state. With the new update, agents can now work on a separate draft version of an article which is already published on the portal.
  2. Auto-save - When an agent is working on an existing saved/published article, the content being added will be automatically saved every 5 seconds instead of the agent manually saving it every now and then.
  3. Preview Article - When an agent is editing a saved or published article, they can quickly preview the article on the portal, that is, whether the look & feel and formatting of the article is as expected on the portal.
  4. Agent Collision - In order to avoid two agents working on the same article and to avoid data loss while creating an article, we are introducing an alert system that intimates the agent when it is currently being edited by another user.
  5. Bulk Action To easily manage the knowledge base, we have added the ability to bulk select and do the following actions - to select folders and move them to another category and also set visibility and to select articles and move them to another folder.
  6. Likes/Dislikes User Information - Previously, we were just displaying the number of likes and dislikes on an article, but hereafter clicking on the numbers will show the list of users who liked/disliked an article. For logged in users, we will show the user name and all non-logged in user's votes will be marked as "Anonymous".
  7. Article View Count - In the article list view and article view page, the number of times an article is viewed on the portal will be shown.
  8. Change Author - In order to change the ownership of an article (say when an agent moves out of the company or any similar case), the account administrator will have the ability to change the author of an article.

      Here's the blog post on the Solutions makeover for screenshots and further information. 

  • New Email Notifications : We have introduced three new email notifications. 

  1. Note added to ticket (under Agent Notifications tab) - This is the notification that is sent out whenever an agent adds a Private/Public note to another agent.
  2. New ticket created (under CC notifications tab) - This is the notification that is sent out whenever an agent CCs someone while creating a new ticket on behalf of the Requester.
  3. Note added to ticket (under CC notifications tab) [NEW] - This is the notification that will be sent out whenever the requester adds a public note from the customer portal.

  • Restriction on Public Ticket URL : If you are particular about security, you can disable access to Public Ticket URL by making Login mandatory to view the ticket. The users will not able to access the public ticket URL even if these have been sent to them by agents.

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  • Placeholders for contact and company custom fields : Customer and Company related details can now be added in email notifications and reply templates. For example, if custom fields have been configured for Company's plan, Customer's Id or region, these can be inserted into ticket assigned or SLA violation email to highlight the importance of the customer.