Customise Priority Field

Is it possible to add another value to the priority dropdown menu? I want a way of excluding projects from our SLA. For example, if i create a ticket to create a new image in time for Easter next year and set the status to project - i would like it to have a 3 month deadline.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello Jamie,

Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to add more options to the priority field. Since your requirement revolves around SLA, I can suggest you to create a different type value and create SLA policies for the same.


What if i wanted to add extra though, like 'Critical' or 'Very Low' to fall inline with a priority matrix? Can this be added by Freshdesk in a future update?

I would like to see the ability to customize the Priority field. Why isn't this possible? Is there some requirements builtin to Freshdesk Tickets that rely on the 4 default values?

It would really be nice have the ability for the customer to see one set of options and have separate options internally. 

So if the customer sets High priority we can map that to P1. But if we set it to P4, we can still let the customer see High as the value.

Yes,Craig. The SLA policies are primarily linked to these 4 default values . Opening up this field will also result in re-work of the SLA fields and it will be an exhaustive change. We don't have any plans in the immediate roadmap for customising the priority field . As explained above, you can still map these values based on the custom field options chosen by the customer.


Wow! 2 years for you to say no. Not great really, and your reason doesn't hold much weight either. This is the kind of poor service that lets down the product. If i was to start a trial, i would get a phone call every day for 3 weeks, yet as an existing customer with a genuine feature request, it takes you 2 years to reply.

Just not good enough.

Hi Jamie,

We're really sorry that we haven't been able to respond to this post earlier. I know nothing can stand as a reason but all we can do is to try and improve our presence in the community forums. There are other items that we're currently working on and this one is not a part of the immediate roadmap . 

However, I'm pretty sure this will be taken care if this one garners the attention of majority of our users. This is the reason why I had chosen to post here though it's been years since the original post.


Justin, in all fairness, they answered in 10 months (the initial response). Still too long but community forums are meant for community participation and if you need faster response, just open a private support ticket directly with their support team.

Probably you guys need to review your content on training section especially the customer service part. If you've worked just 5 minutes a day since last 2 years, probably freshdesk could have capability of adding extra fields to priority section right now. That really sucks that we are not able to add any field. Yeah happy customer support!  

Hi , How do i set the default priority based on the issue selected rather agents manually tagging the priortity? 

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