JIRA Integration: User does not exist


When trying to create a new JIRA ticket from freshdesk, the following error occurs:

Jira reports the below error:
User 'root' does not exist.
 Please contact Support.

An user 'root' does not exist in JIRA. Also the username (e.g. 'root') varies depending on the user the ticket is assigned to. For some users it works, for others there is this error with an inexistent username.

Where do these inexistent usernames come from?

Hi Robin,

Could you please let us know the browser you are trying it on?.

Hi Manoj,

Thank you for your reply. The issue occurs with Firefox 41, Chromium 45 and (so I have been told) a current Safari.

I'm currently trying to resolve the issue with Freshdesk support. I will document the solution here in the forum if it is of general interest.
Here's a short follow-up on this issue:
  • The error occurs only for assignees which have been renamed in Jira.
  • Jira differentiates between user name (which can be changed) and user key (which stays the same).
  • Freshdesk does not seem to handle this correctly and passes the wrong value to Jira. This is the source of the error.
  • The issue has been confirmed by the Freshdesk support and they are working on a solution.

As a workaround, the Jira ticket can be created without an assignee and then updated in Jira afterwards. I hope this helps other users having the same problem.

I've noticed this same problem.  We had local JIRA users and renamed them after connecting to Active Directory.  The error pops up any time you try and assign to an Active Directory user.

I am not seeing the assignee section at all in the JIRA ticket creation pop-up plus the issue of not seeing the full list of users. Any resolution to this.

Thanks for updating the thread with the solution, Robin.You made our job easier ;)

We've made several enhancements to the JIRA integration and now you would be able to select the Assignee on the ticket popup.