Release Notes - October 2015

New Feature Releases

  • Compose Email Feature : You can now initiate conversations with customers right from within Freshdesk. 

  • Create / Edit ticket page redesign : The Create/Edit ticket page as well as Admin>>Ticket Fields has now been redesigned to be consistent with the Compose Email page, such that all these pages now have a single column layout.
  • Gamification Reset : If at any point, you would like to reset the arcade points/badges, you can do so from the Agent details page.

  • Date field in ticket forms

  • Change customer password : Admins, Account Admins and any other agent with "Play God with Super Admin Controls" permission will be able to set password for contacts. Also, notifications will not be triggered when the password is set/updated.
  • Convert Ticket to a Forum Topic : A ticket can now be converted into a Forum topic so that a broader audience can be addressed.

Updates on Phone Channel

  • Differentiation between Business Hours and Non-Business Hours : If you don't have 24x7 phone support operations, it becomes very important to distinguish between calls that came in during business hours and outside of the business hours.We have now introduced an additional filter in call history and phone summary that would allow you to differentiate between calls during business hours and outside business hours.

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