Jira Integration with FreshDesk randomly breaks

Anyone else have this issue?

We setup Jira Integration to add private comments in FreshDesk when a comment is made in Jira.  

It works for a while, but then we noticed it stopped recording twice.  We thought it was due to the Jira account not having admin rights (even though we were told this was only initially needed to setup the webhook)

The account has Admin rights, and it has happened again.

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If we understand it correctly the problem is that you have added a note if Freshdesk and it did not get carried over to the linked JIRA issue.

The possible reasons can be a temporary network failure or API limit exhaustion.

We are looking into adding more stability if a JIRA API call fails as part of our ongoing enhancements.



I am having the same issue. Our developers don't like having the Freshdesk fields on the Resolve and Workflow screens so I had removed them and I thought that was the issue but once I put the fields back on the screens we are still having the same problem. Comments from Freshdesk make it to JIRA but JIRA comments don't make it to Freshdesk.

I don't think it is a network failure.  For us, once the connection breaks it never works again.  We are still troubleshooting with support to figure out why this occurs.  The first time we had to set the connection up again, but we lost all the integration data.

My experience is the same as Darren's. Has completely stopped working at this point and have lost all past integrations trying to troubleshoot. 


The integrated data is lost if the app is uninstalled from the account. For troubleshooting purposes, you might try re-configuring the app and hit on update, without uninstalling the existing one .

We've never been so active on the forums for some reason and we're extremely disappointed to have lost the opportunity to help users like you. 

In case if you're still using the JIRA plugin and notice some issues, please drop us a note here. We assure to be more responsive and try out the best to get things working for you.


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