Release Notes - November 2015

New Feature Releases

  • Type Specific Sections on New Ticket Form : The New Ticket form can now be configured to show different set of fields based on the "Type" value selected. This Dynamic forms can be configured in Admin >> Ticket Fields. For more details on how to configure and use this feature, please refer to the solution article here-Creating Dynamic Forms in Freshdesk. This feature is currently available for the Estate and Forest plan users.

  • Scenario automation on Tickets list page : Now increase agent productivity by performing scenario automations on multiple tickets from the Tickets list page.


  • Auto-refresh on the Ticket details page : You can now see automatic notifications on the Ticket details page whenever there is a change to the ticket's properties and new replies or notes on the ticket. This helps in attaining complete context for the agent before he performs subsequent actions. This feature is now available on the Estate and Forest plans.
  • Groups section in Agents Add / Edit page : As an Admin, if you would like to associate agents to specific groups, you can do so more easily now right from the Agent Add/Edit page. Previously, in order to add/remove agents from groups, Admins would have to visit each group page individually and perform the action. Hence, the agent's add / edit page has now been enhanced with a groups section to facilitate this action.
  • Supervisor Dashboard : Supervisors can now view the count (and link) for all unresolved tickets per status for an agent / group or all agents / groups in my helpdesk. This helps in gauging the current status of the helpdesk. Also, clicking on the numbers link to the corresponding views with the pre-populated filters.This facilitates subsequent actions if required.


  • SLA Reminders : Configure reminder notifications so that agents receive scheduled notification email before SLA violation. 

  • CAPTCHA in Feedback widget : Admins can now enable CAPTCHA on feedback widgets to prevent spam. 

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