Hi has anyone successfully connected PowerBI to the API, I have got the APIs, and my Key but whatever I seem to try doesn't work. I only want a full list of all tickets so no filters etc.

Thanks in advance


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Would love to know if this can work ! 

Although freshdesk not often used for power bi (most frequently is finance packages) you can use a driver from the company where I work. It is the same engine as behind the online sql editor for freshdesk listed in the app store. Download, install and configuration described on http://superuser.com/questions/1148956/installation-steps-of-exact-online-driver-for-microsoft-power-bi

My issue seems to be a little different. I can connect following guidance from this page https://developers.freshdesk.com/api/#introduction 

But somehow only 30 tickets keep displaying when we have 1000+ tickets. Tested yesterday, tested today. Same result - 30 tickets.

The 30 tickets is by design of freshdesk api but you can specify when you program the api directly the date range or use invantive sql with a table function parameter.

Good news.  Flatly now auto-exports Freshdesk data to OneDrive and Exel Online -with which Microsoft PowerBI connects natively.


You can check out the automatic ticket properties export feature that allows you to schedule export of ticket related metrics in specified intervals. This is very useful for :

  • Creating hourly reports for dashboards to help Admins track the helpdesk’s performance 

  • Comparing turnaround times for different groups and measuring KPIs

We have also provided an API endpoint  for the export data keeping in mind the various Business Intelligent tools using which you can create custom dashboards or reports.


Hello All, 


We have solution which allows access to data from Freshservice in Power BI desktop and Ms Excel available   https://webfreshreport.azurewebsites.net . We can support for Freshdesk to the service. Please don't hesitate to contact with us in case of any questions. 

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See here for more Power BI integrations options :


No need for any third party tools or service

Hello, has anyone managed to get this to work successfully? I get the API key but I get an error every time I try to connect to the export. I've checked that my credentials work and Freshdesk support is not being helpful at the moment.


not intended as commercial spam, but we offer 4 year free power bi integration on freshdesk with invantive cloud. Onboarding through cloud.invantive.com. Create your database as described on https://invantive.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SUP/pages/218365964/Register+your+first+Database+on+Invantive+Cloud

Available tables on https://documentation.invantive.com/2017R2/freshdesk-data-model/webhelp/index.html.

Hmm, I see that the step to add the Power BI Odata registration is not listed on first link; will add it within 30 minutes.

Hi Saima,

It is still working on my side...

Just refreshed see print screen and date here :




Hi Saima, I feel your pain. All the potential and possibilities of the things you could in PowerBI, only to be stumped at the hook-up point. As a non-coder, I spent hours pouring over forums and articles on how to make this work. If you are on Estate or Forest plan, you can use scheduled data exports. https://support.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/50000000033-exporting-your-data-in-analytics

Else it will be very tricky. I remember speaking to 2 developers who helped me with this, and they said the web api structure is quite hard to work with. 

Good luck Saima! 

Hey, folks, I'm also trying to connect with Power Bi, but no success.

Things I have tried:

  • Try to connect whit the basic Web Font from Web filling the Web API option with the company key. No worked.
  • Try to connect with the advanced Web Font, filling the headers whit Content-Type, AcceptEnconding, etc. Not worked.
  • Try to use the Advanced editor with the code below. No worked also:

  • Web.Contents("https://finanseg.freshdesk.com/reports/scheduled_exports/somenumber/download_file.json", 
                Query=Binary.FromText("myquery", BinaryEncoding.Base64),
                Headers=[#"Content-Type" = "application/json; charset=utf-8"]

    Someone ever succeed connecting? Could someone help me, please?

My thoughts:

I'm used to connecting Power Bi with Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Bitrix24. Freshdesk's API is the worst ever. I'm trying to convince my company to change this useless service. Because they have the FreshInsight 3party they force you not to connect natively, like any decent tool.

We have the highly overpriced Forest plan. I'm just trying to authenticate and download the report generated by automatic exports. But no success. I'm able to connect with that using Python, Curl, PHP but when I use the same parameters on Power Bi my request is denied.

Best regards.

Hi Guys!
Could someone tell me if it is possible to integrate Freshchat in Power Bi to create panels?

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