Integration with Assembla

 Hello, we are trying to integrate Freshdesk with Assembla, notably get the info of related Assembla tickets in a freshdesk ticket.

I was wondering if anyone succeed in doing that.



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We are happy to see our users contribute to Freshdesk integration user base. We will watch this space for updates. We have added Assembla to the integration backlog and it will be a part of our consideration set whenever we review our integration target list every quarter.



Freshdesk Intgrations

Please include us as a customer who would be looking for this integration as well.


Assembla is in the Freshdesk integrations queue. It will be considered in our quarterly integration candidates and taken up at the earliest opportunity.



Same here. Connecting Freshdesk to our Assembla stream would be very nice.


Have you had any updates with the Assembla+FreshDesk integration?. Thanks!

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