Replying to a Ticket With an Attachment With New Reply Ticket API

I am using the new reply ticket API found at:

It works fine if I don't specify an attachment.  But if I do specify an attachment like so:


    "body_html": "test",

    "user_id": 3242342334,

    "attachments[]": someFile


I get a 

{"description":"Validation failed","errors":[{"field":"attachments[]","message":"Unexpected/invalid field in request","code":"invalid_field"}]}

error message.  It looks like the endpoint isn't expecting the attachments[] array.

Also, on the create ticket API, the content type is supposed to be changed to multipart/form-data when you want to create a ticket with an attachment.  I don't see anything about this on the reply ticket API.  Am I supposed to keep the content type at application/json when replying with an attachment?

Hi Peter,

The Reply Ticket API requires the Content-Type header to be set as 'multipart/form-data'. Thank you for pointing it out, I'll make sure the documentation gets updated. 

Additionally, ensure that the value for the 'attachments' field is in a proper format,

For example,


curl -v -u -F "attachments[]=@/path/to/attachment1.ext" -F "attachments[]=@/path/to/attachment2.ext" -F "body=sample note" -X POST ''


can you guys help me?

i want to know,

 how to push user reply on agent feedback using api 

i want to know,how to push user reply on agent feedback using


Can anyone help me please. I need to do the same; Creating a ticket with Attachment in Freshdesk API but with JSON and not Curl



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