Release notes - December 2015

New Feature Releases

  • All new Revamped Reports : A brand new revamped version of the Reports have been released across all plans that would provide a lot of detailed information based on advanced metrics. To get to know more about them, kindly refer the solution article - What has changed in the new reports. 

  • Replying to private note will now be recorded as a private note : As an Agent, the replies to the "Private note added" email notification would now be added as Private notes on the tickets, hence ensuring that there is no unintended disclosure of information.

  • Ilos screencast integrations : An integration with Ilos Videos that would help you record screencasts and embed them to tickets, Solution articles or Forum posts. This would be available across all plans and the solution article would help you set this integration up - Ilos integration with Freshdesk

  • Magento Integration : In-house integration with the popular e-commerce platform - Magento. This would also be available across all plans and can be setup with the help of this solution article - Magento Integration

  • The all new Updated Android App : A major update to the Freshdesk Android app was made that hosts a number of new features like Deep-linking ,SSO and SAML logins, etc. This blog post would give you a detailed report on what's new in the latest version of the Android App - Holiday updates to the Freshdesk Android app

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