Top search query is not efficient/broken (wierd prioritize)

We have alot of company / contacts which contains alot of custom fields like City , Province , Integration, Manager etc...

Here is the problem, the search of freshdesk prioritize the content over the name of the contact or company.

For example, we have many companies which the custom field "CITY" is "DONNACONNA". But we do have many Companies NAME which also contains "DONNACONNA" like "DONNACONNA FORD" or "DONNACONNA TOYOTA".

The search bring on the upfront all the company where city = donnaconna we don't even see on the first page the company NAME which contains donnaconna which is more important than the city itself.


For us the search is completly inefficient because of this.

2 people have this problem


Sorry that I have missed out on replying on this thread.We've made some enhancements to the search module with respect to the relevance of the results. Can you please check if that helps and let me know?


The search is now better !