Behavior has changed for Dispatch'r Add CC rules

I have 5 Dispatch'r rules that used to add a persistent CC to a ticket based on email domains from various organizations around the state.  This worked great for CC'ing "manager"-type customers and keeping them in the loop for issues submitted in their region.  Now the rules seem to send a notification through the Email Notifications -> CC Notifications template, but doesn't add the CC to the ticket.  This informs the intended CC that a new ticket was created, but then subsequent replies from agents and customers are not automatically CC'd.

I can track the lack of CC's back to around Nov 20-23, 2015, but have just heard about it now.  Was there a feature update in the Nov 9th notice that could have effected this?

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Sorry for the pretty late reaction to the post. Not sure if you're still running into these issues but if any one notice such behaviour, please drop us a note here and we'll review each cases individually.

The default behaviour of the Add CC option now is to add the email address to the ticket CC section and not the Reply CC section. This makes sure that the email address is copied on to the replies by default and unless the agent manually clears the CC'd address, it would be available in all the conversations.


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