Release notes - January 2016

New Feature Releases:

  • Account administrators can download their Freshdesk account invoices from within the helpdesk: Now, the Account Admin can access and download past paid invoices (for amounts greater than 0) for his/her account from the helpdesk itself. This can be done from Admin > Plans and Billing > View Invoices.

  • Replaced agent's last login time with agent's last active time : Under the Admin >> Agents page, the last login time for each agent has now been replaced with the last active time of the agent, which is based on the most recent activity that he/she performs in the helpdesk portal.

  • Added 'None' ticket filter for drop-downs in ticket list page: In the ticket list view, the 'none' option has been added to Type, Customer, Product, Custom fields (drop-down and dependent fields). If a ticket has an empty customer field, an agent can search for that ticket by applying a filter Customers: None. Earlier, this was not possible.

  • Added 'All Unresolved' option for ticket status filter in ticket list page: The ticket status filter now additionally also has the 'All Unresolved' option which will show the list of all tickets which have any status except 'resolved' and 'closed'. Earlier, in order to filter such tickets, an agent would need to set all the statuses such as Open, Pending, etc.

  • Introducing multi select for Dropdown options in Dispatcher and Observer: Now, it would be possible to have AND and OR conditions to be used together in Observer and Dispatch'r rules. With this enhancement, admins can now easily set up more complex workflows using a single rule.

  • Configure multiple departments in a single instance of freshdesk: This would essentially allow Agents with group access to view tickets where they had raised even if they do not have access to that group.

  • Support for Romanian language: Agents can now configure their helpdesk in Romanian language from Profile Settings > Language. Admins can configure the customer portal in Romanian from Admin > General Settings > Helpdesk.

  • Enhancements to New Reports: 

            a)Agent and Group Performance - Ticket Assigned Metric has been introduced.

            b) Agent and Group Performance - First row with metric names has been converted to a sticky so that it stays on top even when you scroll through a long list of agents.

           c) Report load time improvements

           d) Easier navigation between reports in the same category

  • Infusion soft Integration: It would now be possible to integrate with Infusion Soft CRM to have their Contact and Company details fetched and displayed on the Ticket Details page and Contact details page in Freshdesk.

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