New Dashboard

Is anyone else having issues with the new dashboard?

I have an ugly vertical scroll bar in the middle of the screen and the dynamic resizing no longer works.

I tried on 'lets talk' but the Agent has disappeared and no ticket has been created.

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Dashboard didn't need to be changed.  Worked the way it was supposed for our company's needs and now the recent activity area is too small. 

As a user who looks at the Freshdesk main dashboard all day, it is not useful to have my recent ticket activity minimized.  It is not useful to have each tab on the dashboard open a new browser page.  

The main screen should be adjustable so the recent activity is the main focal point.  

The To Do, leader board and forum moderation should be able to be minimized.  It is taking too much area on the screen.  

All my techs and system administrators are unhappy and frustrated with this new design.  Interrupts the workflow of entire ticket tracking system. 

It's a mess and I have no idea why they changed it. The new scroll bar is ugly and of no practical use, the dynamic resizing is gone, making it hard to read and worst of all, we are being forced to open the Dashboard Headings in new tabs! I DON'T WANT to open them in new tabs - if I did, I'D RIGHT CLICK AND CHOOSE 'OPEN IN NEW TAB' - it's not bloody rocket science. What do these companies constantly have to fiddle? It was much better as it was - all of these 'additions' are steps backwards.

I've had a response, I asked if it could be rolled back until they fix the 'enhancements'... i'm being told that's not possible!!!

They've now put my comments as 'waiting for feature request' so it looks like we are stuck with this for the next 18 months or so.  Very unhappy here.

Please allow us some time to discuss this internally. We will take your feedback and fix this quickly. 

The headings opening as tabs is really starting to piss me off. I use those headings constantly and now I keep ending up with multiple tabs of the same thing open and it's really bloody annoying! Turn it off!!!!!

Hi Folks

Based on the feedback we have received, we have fixed the new tab behaviour for ticket counts on the dashboard. We have also tried to address the vertical scroll bar concerns for the recent activity widget. Hope this change helps!

We will continue to monitor feedback regarding the new design for Dashboards and will look at improvising it based on the popularity and feasibility.



Thank you Freshdesk folks for turning off the open a new browser tab for each dashboard selection.  Easy and functioning. 

Now, if you folks can make the main screen adjustable so the recent activity is more prominent than the to do, achievements and forum, my techs and sys admins might actually start smiling again.   

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