Import AD user photo with probe

It would very nice if there was the ability to import the AD user photo while importing users using the probe. Is this a possibility?

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Jeff, I agree that this is a good idea. We currently have the thumbnailPhoto Active Directory attribute populated for most of our employees. I would also like to see the ability to add or modify the photo through the REST API.

We use thumbnailPhoto Active Directory attribute too

I agree. This would be a great enhancement and something our company would use also.

Please add this, we also populate the thumbnailPhoto within AD attributes and being able to sync the photo automatically is the only sensible method for a larger company who already maintains this data.

+1 for adding this. I have been doing it manually for a few of our senior staff, I find it quite helpful when glancing through the tickets to see if there is anything we can quickly solve.


Thanks for posting your requests. We have this feature in our long term plan for enhancing the capabilities of the Discovery Probe. More updates to follow once we start development on this feature.


Freshservice Product Team

Thanks for the update Mohana. Please consider adding thumbnailPhoto support to the REST API as well.

Hi John, 

We don't get a lot of requests around updating the photo using API and we don't have this in our plan for now. But, if we get some more requests, we'll include it in our scope.



We'd love to be able to synchronise photos from active directory using the probe for our 250+ AD users.

Another +1 for this feature. I manually uploaded our senior staff photos as well as our agents.This kind of personalisation makes it much easier to find users who may be having problems or even to recognise people around a large office. Thus it is more than a vanity gimmick and can actually improve helpdesk service.

Another +1 for this enhancement.

Any timeline on when this will be done?

We don't have a timeline yet, but we have this on our feature backlog. Will update once we start work on this feature.

Another useful feature. Please have the probe Sync AD Photos.

Yes please, this would be nice to have!

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